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Traditions of Latina weddings

Celebrating your history is one of the best ways to make your ceremony special. There are many universal parts that you can incorporate into your special moment, even though Latina bride customs differ from country to country.

For instance, a lot of Latinx lovers choose los padrinos ( godfathers ) and las madrinas to participate in their rituals. These individuals act as mentors who will give the partners advice before, during, and after they get married. They also have certain responsibilities, such as giving the handful the supplies they’ll need for their special day and assisting them in resolving their post-wedding adventures.

El molecules, another well-liked Latina bridal custom, involves encircling the handful during the service with a beautiful silk cord or rosary beads. Their enduring friendship is intended to be represented by this symbol of unity.

Following a church or civic ceremony, guests frequently toss wheat, bird seeds, confetti, or even rose petals! –as they depart, in the brides’ course. This is a smile to the long-standing Latina custom of wishing the honeymooners luck and ovulation.

A mariachi band might become present to include some festive flair when the dance floors opens. Before dancing with their families and padrinos, the bride and groom likely frequently waltz their second music by themselves. Couples will normally dance to salsa, merengue, verde, and other Puerto Rican music as the night goes on. Of course, without a hora loca, it is n’t truly Latina ceremony!

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