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Building a Solid Friendship Foundation

In several different relationships, whether romance, platonic, parental, or professional, building a strong foundation of friendship is essential. A friendship fosters effective communication, helps a couple develop confidence and emotional relationship, and gives them assistance during difficult times in life.

Everyone has heard it said that it’s crucial to “be great companions initial” when you start dating somebody. This is a smart piece of advice because friendship is the foundation of several strong and zealous relationships. In reality, connection is a critical prelude to intimacy and passion, according to eminent relation researcher Dr. John Gottman, who created the Five Components of Healthy Relationships

As you get to hear each other’s principles, interests, and interests by choosing to become friends before getting married, you can conduct a healthy connectivity check as you do so. Additionally, it gives you the chance to see how each other is developing personally, which fosters a sense of loyalty and support that you stand up to life’s challenges.

It’s crucial to become sincere, sympathetic, reasonable, and empathic in order to make a great friend. Additionally, it’s critical to schedule time for your friends and express your gratitude. Additionally, you should be prepared to listen to them when they confide in you and to lend a helping hand. Make sure to give them the respect they deserve and never forget to congratulate them on their admirable traits. Be patient as well; no one is best, and every camaraderie likely experience ups and downs.

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