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Astrology and Online Dating

Numerology is a topic of conversation among those who either believe in it or simply find it entertaining and intriguing. Some dating applications also use a person’s natal chart, a detailed snapshot of the positions of the planets and moon at their date of birth, to decide compatibility. This enables the user to identify their big three, which are their sun sign, moon sign, and rising sign, as well as consider planetary current events that may be affecting them at any particular time, such as a full moon or Saturn return.

Whether or not they realize it, many people use astrology to guide them through the world of online dating. Some people may yell their sign from the rooftops of their profiles, while others may only mention it briefly in their opening statements or in the flamboyant emojis they include with their matches.

However, in a world where left swipes and text messages fly by quickly, the signs could be a valuable resource for connecting with potential partners. Visit This Page according to dating experts, astrology can break the ice and provide a quick compatibility test for someone.

What if an app allowed for a more in-depth examination of a potential match’s natal chart? That’s what Nuit has envisioned. It’s a new, free app that uses a person’s unique birthday data—which includes their horoscope, natal chart and time of birth—to create a more holistic profile. From a person’s career to their emotional temperament, the app’s algorithm then helps them find matches with similar interests.

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