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Azerbaijan Bridal Convention

Azerbaijani wedding tradition are a once in a lifetime event and full of beautiful traditions. In the past, they could last for three or even seven weeks. However, these ceremonies have been shortened.

Before the main meeting, the couple’s promoters visit the bride’s home to ask for her acceptance to marriage. They usually place a ring and jacket on her hand and ask for a smile to signify that she is willing. They likewise give her a bowl of nice tea for trust and ask her to cover her head with a scarf. During this time, the couple’s dad gives her his blessings and rebukes her to be a great wife and mother.

After the relationship pledges are exchanged, a wedding bash is held at a dinner house or restaurant. Thousands of guests, sometimes exceeding 500 people, pack the dance floors and sway to the dynamic beats of conventional Azerbaijani song. It is considered bad politeness to sit down during the reception. The food is an incredible spread of qutab ( creamy salad ), chicken, meat skewers, dolma (vegetables or fruit wrapped in vine leaves ), rice pilaf and other classic dishes. All beverages, including drink, ocean, juices, whiskey and beverage, are bottomless.

After the dinner, the pair takes turns standing next to each other for pictures and brief, entertaining speeches are made. Subsequently, the bread is cut and served. The bride’s nephew dateinasia com sign up or closest adult relative relationships a red thread around the princess’s neck to show her beauty and ignorance, while her parents give their daughter their blessings. The bride is finally brought to the vicar’s apartment.

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